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To learn about this incredible marketing opportunity, please watch the movie above or read the transcript below. Be sure to turn on your speakers.

Pro Travel Network is offering the most unique and powerful marketing opportunity in existence today. That opportunity is realized by helping to promote our incredible product…the ITAP or Independent Travel Agent Program. The fact that travel is one of the easiest products to sell fuels the potential for an extremely lucrative lifestyle… think about it EVERYBODY wants to travel and that's what makes PTN's Independent Travel Agent Program such a highly sought after product on the market today. By working with Pro Travel Network you could soon find yourself enjoying the travel, money, and fun that thousands of Pro Travel Network Distributors are already experiencing.

Home-based business is a $427 billion a year industry. That's more than the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, and consumer goods industry combined. How? Because of the sheer numbers of people in business for themselves who are now working from home. The extremely low start-up cost, flexible hours, and the internet are fueling the growth of the home business segment. As of 2005, as many as 150 million people in North America alone enjoy the freedom and benefit of owning their own internet business. And now you can too with Pro Travel Network.

The PTN Marketing opportunity offers the most lucrative compensation plan in the Industry with Fast Start Bonuses to help you get you earning income within days not weeks. Team bonuses up to well over $50,000 monthly that allow you to take advantage of the production of your team, not just your personal efforts. That's Leverage. True Residual Income is realized via the most powerful residual income engine in the Industry--PTN's Matrix. And if that wasn't enough, PTN's top producers are additionally rewarded with the National Training Director Plan...this $1,000,000 plus compensation plan is about lifestyle.

The keys to success and wealth are Leverage and Residual Income. PTN's compensation plans allow you to have both.

Getting started is simple. Become a PTN Representative Trainer or RT as it's referred to. Then immediately set your goal to achieve the Regional Manager position. And get there as quickly as possible. At RM both leverage and residual income come into play, and you immediately have the opportunity to earn income on not just your efforts, but the efforts of your entire team. You are now the CEO of your own company.

Achieving RM is simple. Simply make 2 ITAP product sales of $439 each and personally sponsor 2 RT's and help each of them make at least 1 ITAP sale each. Do this as quickly as possible, as the powerful financial rules of leverage and residual income are now yours. Achieve this in less than 30 days and take home an extra $500. But don't stop there...make just 1 more ITAP sale, and help 1 more RT to make a sale within your first 30 days, and double your Fast Start bonus to $1,000.

Leverage starts at Regional Manager...With team bonuses you are able to capitalize fully on your new business. Your efforts are leveraged as you earn income on the efforts of your entire organization, not solely on your own efforts. Every new RT, who purchases or sells an ITAP is counted toward your monthly production totals. Your team produces...YOU get paid! And remember, each new RT is trying to achieve their RM position so you benefit while they themselves are earning their own income while building their new business. This is a true WIN-WIN!

We all dream of having a residual income source. PTN gives you the opportunity to earn unlimited residual income via our Matrix. Imagine, as your team grows, so does your monthly residual income. The first month after you achieve Regional Manager, you will begin receiving your residual income checks. There is no limit.

Each step in the PTN compensation plan adds a new layer of possible income. Truly there is no limit to the amount of income you can earn. Fast Start bonuses offering up to 1-Million dollars in cash and stock ownership. Team bonuses progress to over $50,000 per month. Generational bonuses provide daily income. Residual Incomes rise as your rank and your team grows, plus with the ability to earn matching bonuses, there is no limit to the amount of residual income you can earn, each and every month.

Training Directors have tremendous earning potential. A Training Director is able to earn income as both a Regional Manager and a Training Director--literally earning income in 2 compensation plans. Not only can a Training Director earn up to $3,000 in monthly RM team bonuses, but can earn up to $30,000 in TD team bonuses. Training Directors also earn $45 for every ITAP sale made by their team in addition to unlimited residual income potential. Pro Travel Network also pays a $1,000 bonus for achieving TD in less than 60 days.

At Regional Training Director things get even better. RM compensation, TD compensation and RTD compensation are all available each month allowing the RTD to fully capitalize and cash in on PTN's lucrative compensation plan. RTD Team Bonuses up to $25,000, plus TD Team bonuses up to $30,000, plus RM team bonuses up to $3,000, allowing for over $50,000 in Team bonus earning each and every month. Achieve RTD in less than six months and Pro Travel Network is going to pay you in stock ownership plus a $5,000 bonus.

National Training Director is about lifestyle. Cars, Vacations, Cash. NTD is about freedom, Freedom to live life at the top. The NTD program starts with the Gold level. Once achieved, a fantastic vacation for you and a guest is yours...all expenses paid. In addition, a monthly cash bonus pool award to be paid every qualifying month. At Platinum attainment, you are able to participate in the Luxury Car Program, allowing you to drive the newest most luxurious of cars. Platinum level NTDs also receive revenue sharing based on the contribution of their entire team to PTN monthly production. At the Diamond levels, large cash bonus payouts up to $1,000,000 are the highlight. NTD is the place to be!

The PTN Marketing program has a tremendous number of tools and resources to allow you to build and focus on your business. Thank you for taking the time to view this powerful opportunity. Now there's only one thing left for you to do-contact the person who cared enough about you to show you this video and tell them you're ready to get started today.

Success as an Pro Travel Network Representative is not guaranteed, but rather influenced by an individual's specific efforts. Not all Pro Travel Network Independent Representatives make a profit and no one can be guaranteed success as Independent Representative.

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