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Greg and Betty Milneck

Like most of us, we've always wanted to travel and thanks to Protravel we have fulfilled our dreams. We've been with PTN for about 5 years and have enjoyed all the benefits of being travel agents affiliated with a major host agency, benefits that include achieving ACC status with CLIA and IATA status. We specialize in Cruises and have actively booked individual cruises as well as two group cruises a year. As an added benefit we usually travel with these groups. Because of PTN we have been able to visit 7 countries and have been all over the US and the Caribbean.

Now with the new RTA program we can have the benefit of PTN staff to book travel for us that we don't specialize in, and have turned down in the past. PTN now makes booking travel easy and fun, and we are getting paid to travel the world! Don't hesitate to ask the friendly staff any travel questions you may have, we do and always get prompt replies.
Thanks PTN!


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